Bedspread sets

Bedspread sets

Speaking of the interior design, we first of all imagine the walls of the room and how it is furnished.
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But even a room with expensive finishes and furniture made of oak will look incomplete or tasteless, unless you match it with quality textiles. For a bedroom it is primarily a bedspread, because while we are awake, bed linen should be neatly made, protected from dust and wear and hidden from prying eyes. The more flawless is this detail the more it will complement the other elements.

When choosing a bedspread it is important take into consideration the dominate shades of the bedroom including walls, furniture and curtains. If the room looks too “cold,” warm it up and give it a touch of sun with the fabric of light shades. On contrary, if you made a mistake in the interior design and it looks too gaudy and crude, a bedspread of contained tones will correct this slip. In any case, you should have in stock, not just one but several bedspreads.

It allows you to change the mood of the room without a problem, in case one of the bedspreads becomes dirty and needs urgent wash. For those who love to save there are so called double-sided bedspreads so each side can be used as a front. Among the environmental requirements for the bedspreads, it is worth noting its softness and if it is hypoallergenic. The fabric should not feel unpleasant to the touch not to mention to cause itching. Let’s take a closer look at flannel bedspread and what you should consider when buying this type of bedspreads.

Flannel (French Flanelle) is a light soft fabric made of cotton or wool with a brushed nap. It is made from linen or serge yarns weave. The main advantage of flannel is a soft “fluffy” surface, which preserves warmth very well. Flannel bedding is ideal for a comfortable sleep in winter time.

Thus flannel bedspreads will be a good addition to a bedroom, which is rather cool in winter. Otherwise they might be too warm for your bedroom. It is worth to note the flannel fabric practicality. Because of the nap it is not recommended to use flannel if you have pats since it will absorb most of your pet’s fur. As a result, you will have to take your bedspread to the dry-cleaning quite frequently which might cause the fabric to get threadbare quickly.

Flannel bedspreads will suit very well a bedroom which needs an aesthetic comfort. They can accentuate very well a unique bedroom design.