Breastfeeding Can Contribute To “After Pregnancy” Weight Loss

Breastfeeding Can Contribute To “After Pregnancy” Weight Loss

Being fat during pregnancy and after delivering the baby is natural, I guess! Being overweight during these periods is not at all questionable because as we can see in general, more women gain weight easily during the pregnancy period.

A pregnant woman tends to eat more because she develops a faster metabolism due to the baby she is carrying inside her womb. If proper pregnancy diet is not followed, then the tendency to become fat is great. Well, that’s normal.

People won’t discriminate you or tell you to pursue a diet during pregnancy, but instead after you have given birth. But is losing weight after delivery as easy as 123? After all the fats that you’ve gained, with you being unconscious of your body figure while being pregnant, how long could it take you to get to the normal figure that you once have, or maybe, lose down weight up to 5-10 kls. or more?

Well, I’ve read a post mentioning about breastfeeding as one way to lose down weight faster after giving birth. How true is that? Read this one:

“Pregnancy weight loss is not as problematic as you expect, since so much of the extra pounds will go away with delivery and then during the breastfeeding period. The fat deposits on hips and buttocks will melt away in what scientists call breastfeeding weight loss.

Diet and exercise will also contribute to breastfeeding weight loss. Nevertheless, you should not try to workout before you have regained powered and recovered after delivery.”

Do you believe this or am I just the only one being skeptical here? You might as well wanna read the full post about this one and see if it’s true.

To all mommies out there, has anyone ever tried or can show proof on this? Your reactions are highly appreciated here so be sure to leave your thoughts or testimonies here.